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February 6th Updates

Previously updated

Ok, so we're currently hovering around the 14th-15th for orders, but I know at this point those orders are cast and being finished up today to go out on Tuesday. There are currently 324 open orders in our store and we're only 7 people strong, guys! Right now orders are taking around 7 weeks to be shipped out which is only 1 week longer than it normally takes so we're slowly getting back into the normality of things with extended hours daily but we don't want to burn out our employees, either! Speaking of which, if you'd like to support us and our employees while we're working lengthy hours each week you can do so here: https://ko-fi.com/dreamvisioncreations we use all the money raised through that to provide snacks/drinks/food for those late nights so our guys can keep pushing out quality product!

We now have a facebook page! Feel free to drop by and give it a "like" to stay caught up with everything; I do want to try to keep it updated as much as the Twitter account for you folks that don't do the tweet thing. There's also a section that can be used for reviews and recommendations if you've had a memorable experience with us you'd like to share! 

Apologetic coupon codes are still going out with each order that leaves the shop later than 6 weeks after the ordered timeframe, since it was what we estimated, however have gone over. Believe me we don't enjoy taking so long to get things out the door but we can only do so much!

All of the cut and hinged heads will be returning to the shop on Monday (2/3) however at that time we're going to start limiting the amount of skeletal k9 and feline heads we offer weekly. Each week a total of only 18 can be ordered so the quantities will be limited, however that will refresh each week so if you miss out one week, just be sure to catch it the next week! Quantities will refresh on Mondays. :)

If you know someone in the east DFW area looking for a job, we're looking to hire! https://www.ziprecruiter.com/job/fe848612

New Update!

318 open orders, the oldest dating back to Dec 28th. That means we're riiiight on the 6 week mark but still will be a few days late due to the weekend. Sorry guys, we have to have some days off. Next week is going to be normal work hours because the employees are burnt out.