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Work Restrictions and Delays Until Further Notice

We just received word late yesterday that Dallas County is going to be under a "stay at home" order starting at midnight tonight 3/23, until further notice. Unfortunately, 5 out of our 7 employees live in Dallas County, so will be unable to go to work, since our job is not considered "essential." This means that until further notice, we will not have any guidelines for when items will be shipped and delivered, unfortunately. Two of our employees are still able to work and will continue to do so until they no longer can (or this all blows over) but basically it's only going to allow for orders to be worked on, nothing sent out since we're missing the majority of our work force.

We're very sorry for any delays this may cause in projects and commissions but there's honestly nothing we can do about it. We'll continue to monitor the news and the restrictions and of course as soon as we're able to return to work we'll be letting everyone know, but the 40 orders I paid for today to be shipped tomorrow will be the last batch for at least the next 2 weeks, longer if the restrictions stay in place.

EDIT 3/24

And they just announced it for Collin County so that's it, we're shut down completely. I will still be monitoring e-mails and all of our communications so it's not radio silence, just not able to actually do work at the shop.