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Big Update on late orders!

Gosh guys, we're so sorry for being incredibly silent on here for the last 5 months or so since the last update. That's how busy we've been! Guess I should start with the updates, huh?

Remember, our twitter is updated WAY more often (it's just easier to send a quick update there, rather than getting on FA/DA and making a journal) and if you'd like to keep an eye on that, the business account is @dvc_ciara

I'm not sure if it was the skull giveaway that did it, but our skull orders BLEW UP in September, and continued destroying our lists all the way through December. We have 1 dedicated skull caster in the shop right now because everyone else has their own responsibilities, and she's absolutely buried right now under skull orders. She has so many, there's no possible way to cast enough in a week to fill a week's orders. They take twice as long as a normal resin blank to cast, and about twice as long to hinge. So while we're able to get out 2 resin blanks, we can only get out 1 skull. And that's if the skull comes out perfect. As many of you know, we still have skulls in our faulty sales sometimes, and we also take some skulls to shows that are less than perfect to sell at a discount in person. So when a "not so perfect" skull is made, that puts us further behind on orders.

So bottom line, our lists for skull orders is crazy behind. I had to up the order wait times to 6 weeks for now, and even now we're -barely- on that line, and many skulls were promised at 4 weeks. We are SO SORRY for this. We just did not expect those skull orders to blow up as they did, and we didn't expect it to KEEP GOING FOR MONTHS.

We've hired 2 new people since noticing the trends and that we needed to get our mold guy back on molds full time, because right now we're at like.. the minimal amount of skull molds that we can function with. The unfortunate thing is that new people can't just jump right into casting heads and skulls. It takes time to learn how to work with the material, and practice on many things until you can start producing good results, because we don't want to send subpar products out to customers. So what i'm trying to say is, we did hire more help to help with the load, but it takes time before they're able to help reduce the workload for our current casters, especially skull masks which is what we consider to be some of the most difficult resin work we offer.

Also, we have had several employees get sick (you know how it always ends up going through the whole workplace..) and we don't want our employees to come in when they're sick because we don't want them contaminating product. So that also ends up putting us behind schedule. Honestly, we're working as much as we can without killing ourselves in order to get back on track. We want to get back down to a 4 week wait time, if not faster! We were doing really really good during the late summer, and then skull season hit and it just.. destroyed us.  This upcoming year as long as we keep our current group of peeps, we should be plenty prepared and not have anything like this happen again.

For a short period of time, I've removed "specialty" skulls from our website. This includes any skull that isn't black, white, or bone. Those are still in there for purchase. The other skulls will return in time, when we've had some time to get caught up on all of the skulls. Reason I removed the specialty skulls is because they take twice as long as a normal skull.. so.. we could make 2 skulls, instead of 1 in the same amount of time. So it will hopefully allow us to make real good progress on our lists without those in the mix to throw us off.

New product: As you can assume, most new product is on hold until we're more stable with orders. We don't like taking time to sculpt and test new things when we have orders that are late. Trust me, having to answer angry e-mails from parents who have their kids bugging them asking where their skulls are is no fun for anyone. We have had other new products added into the store; for instance we now have the wickerbeast head. We plan to offer it in resin once we're able to make the molds for it. Also, we do have a songbird blank, but we are not releasing it into the store until we're able to cut one open to find out what eyes work in it, as well as what tongues fit in there so that way people are able to buy everything at once, and not have to make separate transactions. Foam corvid heads will also be available when we're able to make some more molds (See what I mean about our mold guy needing to do it full time? lol)

Discord: As per my last journal, I did make a discord server: discord.gg/9NwrwrP  You can pop in and ask for help, or general inquiries, or maybe just to show off WIP's. There's several people in there already. This is a safe for work, DRAMA FREE zone. One warning and then we kick anyone who is in there to cause problems. It's mostly to be used for people showing off what they've made with our parts, or asking for help, or maybe reselling something they ordered but didn't need, etc. But either way, it's not to be used for bullying, or whining, or begging, or anything like that. When you enter the first thing you need to do is post what username you want to be known under, because we'll be setting it as such, and you won't be able to change it to make sure you're not switching it around and confusing people. And if you're a maker and want to be known as one, also give us a link to your website and you'll get that as a role.

Ko-Fi: If you'd like to support us and help keep us running during all these late nights, please consider buying a ko-fi! We don't do patreon because we don't really believe in making people pay for answers to questions, or to pay us for doing our job. But I have had people ask how to donate to us, so we made the ko-fi. We take all the money that comes in from that to buy drinks/snacks/meals and such for the employees when we're running on fumes from working 9-8 lol. ko-fi.com/dreamvisioncreations  We appreciate each and every donation, no matter how large or small!

Finished products: I have had a lot of people recently asking about tails, paws, heads, etc. Please remember we do not accept commissions for these! Flurry will sometimes accept some to work on during her free time, but I believe she's already booked for 2019. Please do not inquire about anything like that.

Upcoming DvC sightings! We do have tables for TFF, and Anthrocon this year! We tried for BLFC but have not heard anything, and I believe Flurry is going to try for one? Or two others, but nothing else has been guaranteed except for TFF and AC. So if you're going to those cons, keep an eye out for us!  Hopefully we won't be dead tired from overwork and then driving.

If you've read this far, you rock!

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