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May Updates

Remember, our twitter is updated WAY more often (it's just easier to send a quick update there, rather than getting on FA/DA and making a journal) and if you'd like to keep an eye on that, the business account is @dvc_ciara

For a short period of time, I've removed "specialty" skulls from our website. This includes any skull that isn't black, white, or bone. Those are still in there for purchase. The other skulls will return in time, when we've had some time to get caught up on all of the skulls. Reason I removed the specialty skulls is because they take twice as long as a normal skull.. so.. we could make 2 skulls, instead of 1 in the same amount of time. So it will hopefully allow us to make real good progress on our lists without those in the mix to throw us off.

We will no longer be offering LED products through our store. We're sorry for the inconvenience, but we have not been able to find a reliable source of pre-wired LEDs, and we don't have the time to do all the wiring ourselves. We're working with a smaller crew (Lost 2 people, gained 1) so we're trying to juggle all the lists and get items out ASAP. We will still fill all current LED orders, and perhaps offer them at conventions in person, but nothing else for orders. We will still order clear items, if you choose to want to make your own LEDs or get them from another source. This means that we may have a little extra time to put into something else! Please keep an eye on announcements via Twitter, since this is not updated nearly as often.

Discord: I did make a discord server: discord.gg/9NwrwrP  You can pop in and ask for help, or general inquiries, or maybe just to show off WIP's. There's several people in there already. This is a safe for work, DRAMA FREE zone. One warning and then we kick anyone who is in there to cause problems. It's mostly to be used for people showing off what they've made with our parts, or asking for help, or maybe reselling something they ordered but didn't need, etc. But either way, it's not to be used for bullying, or whining, or begging, or anything like that. When you enter the first thing you need to do is post what username you want to be known under, because we'll be setting it as such, and you won't be able to change it to make sure you're not switching it around and confusing people. And if you're a maker and want to be known as one, also give us a link to your website and you'll get that as a role.

Ko-Fi: If you'd like to support us and help keep us running during all these late nights, please consider buying a ko-fi! We don't do patreon because we don't really believe in making people pay for answers to questions, or to pay us for doing our job. But I have had people ask how to donate to us, so we made the ko-fi. We take all the money that comes in from that to buy drinks/snacks/meals and such for the employees when we're running on fumes from working 9-8 lol. ko-fi.com/dreamvisioncreations  We appreciate each and every donation, no matter how large or small!

Finished products: I have had a lot of people recently asking about tails, paws, heads, etc. Please remember we do not accept commissions for these! Flurry will sometimes accept some to work on during her free time, but I believe she's already booked for 2019. Please do not inquire about anything like that. 

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