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10 Set LED Kit for Claws AAA/3V Battery Pack

$ 44.00

This will include the LEDs/wiring and battery pack. You have to purchase the clear claws separately. You can have a total of 2 colors for this set; please choose the appropriate colors in the drop-down. One set of 5 will be one color, and one set of 5 will be the other.

10 set 3V Kits: Comes in 2 sets of 5 LEDS, with each set having a 3V (2032) disc battery pack attached. 3V packs are very small and lightweight, so easy to hide in gloves.

10 Set AAA Kits: This will include the LEDs/wiring and battery pack. Comes in 2 sets of 5 LEDS, with each set having a AAA battery pack attached. The battery packs are heavier and larger, however have an on/off switch.

First LED color and Second LED color refer to the LEDs installed. If you have them both the same, all LEDs will have the same color lit. If you choose one color for the first and one color for the second, each half will light up a different color. (Example: First LED color is white, Second LED color is blue, so one set of 5 will have white leds, and the other 5 will have blue LEDs.) Reason for this is that some LEDs are not compatible with others, and would cause one or both to turn out very dim.

The way we recommend installing, is we typically make a separate lining that just has the LEDs on it; like a glove within the glove so the LEDs line up with the claw bases, so they're removable for washing and such. Can't wash electronics, but if you can take them out, you can wash the gloves. As long as the LEDs line up with the bases of the claws, the light will diffuse through them just fine.

LEDs are FRAGILE! Diodes break very easily if bent too much, and can break off. We do not guarantee against this, and can only warn you to be very careful.

The wires for kits are roughly 16-18" long standard, but you can request a different length if needed. (E-mail)

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