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Blushing LED Cheek Lights

$ 30.00

This is a kit that you can install under the fur of your masks' face in order to give it a "blushing" look.

This is for 4cm opaque LED resin quarter spheres hooked up with a AAA battery pack and a toggle switch so you can turn them on and off at your discretion. There will be 2 on/off switches total.

Top picture shows what you receive, bottom picture shows how it looks under the fur.

If the fur is very thick, or dark, these will NOT work.

On the wire, it comes standard with 12-14" From the pack to the toggle, and then another 12-14" from the toggle to the cheeks. If you need a different length, then please choose the comment for custom, and let us know how much.

LEDs are FRAGILE! Diodes break very easily if bent too much, and can break off. We do not guarantee against this, and can only warn you to be very careful.