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Clear 3D "Following" Resin LED Eye Blanks USB Power

$ 26.00

These are sold in sets of 2 (unless you choose the "single" option, in which case you only get one), in clear. Not painted, just tinted resin. You will still have to paint these eyes. An LED is embedded in the top part of the eye, so that when you install eyelids it's covered. LEDs are all wired and ready for painting/installation. 

First LED color and Second LED color refer to the two LEDs installed. If you have them both the same, each eye will have the same color lit. If you choose one color for the first led and one color for the second LED, each eye will light up a different color. (Example: First LED color is white, Second LED color is blue, so one eye will have a white led, and the other eye will have a blue LED.)

If you want either Purple or Pink LEDs, they can ONLY be combined with other purple and pink LEDs. You can't have a single pack both a mixture of purple or pink with anything else.

Standard measurements are: Between the eyes is 10-12", and between the eyes and USB port is 18-20" 

These runs off a power bank, which we do not provide.

We do offer two kinds of powerbanks for purchase. We have a single port power bank and a dual port powerbank

If you want a pupil, please let us know through the dropdown. Pupils that are not listed there are not free. If we have not come to some sort of agreement about a cost for complicated pupils, you will be sent blank eyes instead.

3cm 3D = 1.5cm deep
3.8cm 3D = 2cm Deep
1.75" 3D = .875” Deep
2" 3D = 1" deep

2" 3D Birdcat = 1/2" deep

This is a video showing about the style of eyes, how to install, as well as ways of painting them or gluing down an image.

If you choose the worbla option, instead of normal heat shrink around the diodes, we'll cover that area with worbla, which is a heat form plastic. It will be hard as a rock, so will keep the diodes from breaking. However, they will be a little more difficult to install, since you won't be able to bend that area. Please keep that in mind!

To give these eyes a following look, simply finish painting them or apply your background, and then add eyelids. Once they have eyelids, they'll follow.

LEDs are FRAGILE! Diodes break very easily if bent too much, and can break off. We do not guarantee against this, and can only warn you to be very careful.

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