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Glow in the Dark UV Medium Plushie Claws *Sold per Set*

Glow in the Dark UV Medium Plushie Claws *Sold per Set*

$ 8.00

These claws come in a set of 4 of whichever size you choose. So in order to have 20 claws, you need to order 5 sets.

Medium Measurements
3 medium claws 1.8" Long x .75" Wide
1 small claw 1" Long x .75" wide

Matte only, there is no shiny option!

These are made with a clear resin, however please be aware there may be a few microbubbles here and there. We do vacuum our resin, however sometimes there are still a few tiny bubbles due to the type of resin used.

These claws are best suited for people who want bright, neon colored claws or have a very specific color they want. They have a clear base, so have an easier time of matching. Also, if you want to send in a fur or fabric sample, or even a paint sample for us to match, sure! Just send us a note to arrange it. This has to be done BEFORE the order is placed!

Some claws may have tiny micro bubbles at the tips, however these are easily fixed with a little bit of sanding.

All resin claws can be painted with acrylic paints; you may just have to wash them off with soap and water first to get rid of any mold release residue.

Glow in the dark claws will glow in the dark once properly charged under a bright light. By "charged" we mean you let them sit under the bright light for an extended period of time. The best light is either direct sunlight, or a UV light.
Glow times:
Green: 12+ hours
Blue: 5 Hours
Aqua: 10 Hours
White: 4 Hours
Dark Blue: 4 hours

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