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Double LED Kit USB Power

$ 19.00

This set runs off a power bank, which we do not provide.

We do offer two kinds of powerbanks for purchase. We have a single port power bank and a dual port powerbank

The wires for kits are roughly 16-18" long standard, but you can request a different length if needed. (E-mail)

This is for two LEDs hooked up to be used for sets of horns, eyes, or anything else that may need two LEDs. You can have a total of 2 colors on this strand; please choose the appropriate colors in the drop-down. If you want either Purple or Pink LEDs, they can ONLY be combined with other purple and pink LEDs. You can't have a single pack both a mixture of purple or pink with anything else.

LEDs are FRAGILE! Diodes break very easily if bent too much, and can break off. We do not guarantee against this, and can only warn you to be very careful. The below option can also help.

You may also choose to have apoxie sculpt molded around the base of the LED, if you are afraid of breaking the diodes. Keep in mind this may make installation a bit more tricky.

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