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Glow in the Dark Flame Horns

Glow in the Dark Flame Horns

$ 40.00

Sizing: 5.5" long x 2.25" tall x .5" thick
Weight: 1.2 oz

Price is for a set of 2.

These are horns that are made to look like flames, and can even have LEDs (kit purchased separately) inserted to make them glow!

UV HOLLOW: Glows under a blacklight. Are very lightweight and durable, and light shows through nicely. These are easier to mount LEDs inside. (there are a few examples of these in the pictures shown with LEDs inside)

UV SOLID: Glows under a blacklight. Filled horns are a bit heavier, and will still diffuse light well.

Best way to mount them on a headband or what-not is to glue a wire to the underside where there is a small opening.

Glow in the dark horns will glow in the dark once properly charged under a bright light. By "charged" we mean you let them sit under the bright light for an extended period of time. The best light is either direct sunlight, or a UV light.

Glow times:
Green: 12+ hours
Blue: 5 Hours
Aqua: 10 Hours
White: 4 Hours
Dark Blue: 4 hours

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