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LED Deer Jawset with AAA Battery Pack

$ 33.00

This is for a jawset of your choice in clear with single colored LEDs embedded so that the jawset glows when on. These come with AAA Battery packs with an on/off switch on the pack itself.

LEDs are FRAGILE! Diodes break very easily if bent too much, and can break off. We do not guarantee against this, and can only warn you to be very careful.

RBG jawsets work best when paired with a clear jawset. First LED color and Second LED color refer to the two LEDs installed. If you have them both the same, each half will have the same color lit. If you choose one color for the first led and one color for the second LED, each half will light up a different color. (Example: First LED color is white, Second LED color is blue, so the top jaw will have a white led, and the bottom jaw will have a blue LED.) This of course does not apply to only uppers or only lowers, which only have a single LED installed.

These can be painted with any standard acrylic paints or any other paints that work on plastic. However you will have to wash them with soap and water first.

Installation procedure: Scratch up the bottoms (the smooth side) in a criss-cross pattern or use some high grit sandpaper to rough it up. Position it where needed, and use an industrial glue to glue it down. Sometimes you may need to sand around the edges or cut away parts to make them snap easier into the resin blanks, especially if you are trying to fit one into a head it wasn't meant for. Video Tutorial to show this

This bottom jaw is meant to fit in our buck and doe resin blanks.

3.5"L x 3.25"W in the back x 3"W in the front

Tongue Fits:  Deer, Horse

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