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Opaque (Blind) Resin LED Eye Blanks

$ 16.00

These are for a set of 2 opaque, or "blind" eyes (unless you choose the single option, in which case you only get one) These are not meant to be painted on. Colored eyes will come with matching LEDs if possible; if you have a specific combo please comment so we know. Just know that some LEDs/Color combinations will change the color of the eyes completely.

If you want either Purple or Pink LEDs, they can ONLY be combined with other purple and pink LEDs. You can't have a single pack both a mixture of purple or pink with anything else.

LEDs are in the center of the eye and take AAA batteries, with the on/off switch on the battery pack itself.
Toggle eyes will come with an external toggle switch that you can install for an extra on/off.

These are a little more difficult to install since the LED is in the center of the eye; you have to be very careful with bending the diodes so that they don't break, and they're VERY fragile.

First LED color and Second LED color refer to the two LEDs installed. If you have them both the same, each eye will have the same color lit. If you choose one color for the first led and one color for the second LED, each eye will light up a different color. (Example: First LED color is white, Second LED color is blue, so one eye will have a white led, and the other eye will have a blue LED.)

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