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It is your responsibility to be safe while wearing our suits or using our products. Always have a spotter or handler, as well as drink lots of water to decrease chance of heat stroke.

Buyer uses all costumes and costume parts at his or her own risk. DreamVision Creations Inc. assumes no liability for any personal or property damage caused by improper use.

If you receive something from us and it is not properly functioning and/or not exactly as it was ordered, tell us as soon as you realize this so it can be sent back and replaced. As long as it wasn't an intentional defect made by improper use, We will replace it. E-mail or note us to make these arrangements. We do not give refunds, sorry! All inquiries must be made within 2 weeks of receiving your order.


DreamVision Creations was founded in 2010 full time after the demand for parts and pieces became evident. It's been rocky, with trial-and-error and dealing with thieves and copiers, but we're still going strong to try to offer the best products we can to the general public. We've gone through multiple stores throughout the years, but we're hoping this will be the last switch we need to do, especially since it took me about 6 months to get this one up and running. (Bah!)

Here in 2016 we've finally formed a corporation under the name Texan Dragon Productions, Inc. however kept the DvC under a DBA since it was not available for a corporation name. There are 3 owners to the company, and we currently employ two others to help in the shop to keep orders going out in a timely fashion. We have a building we rent here in Wylie, Texas that we do all of the casting/boxing/mailing from.


All customers will receive an e-mail from once your order has been shipped with your tracking info included. The e-mail from the shop will not have a tracking number.

All US packages are shipped priority mail through USPS, so should take no longer than 3 days to get to any state in the country. However, should the package take longer due to weather/rerouting this is beyond our control, and we can't do anything about it and apologize ahead of time. Remember you can always call USPS to get a real-time tracking update (1-800-ASK-USPS)

All international orders are shipped through USPS with tracking and insurance sent priority. These packages state they should take between 5-10 business days to arrive, however should they take longer due to customs depots, there's nothing we can do about that either. Custom depots also open packages and go through them, and there have been several instances of products being not properly packed back up after their customs visit, and arriving broken. We DO have insurance, but we will need you to take pictures for proof, as well as hold onto the packaging so we can file the claim.

First class mail which is much cheaper does not track past the US border, and does not have insurance on it. We have had a ton of international packages go either missing, had parts removed, or even broken, and if we did not have the tracking or insurance information, there would never be any resolution. I do apologize for our prices, however they are USPS's prices, and I'm afraid other shipping companies are just as expensive (if not double) for the same benefits.

Custom fees or taxes are not our responsibility, nor will we say a package is a gift just so the fee's can be waived. A copy of the order goes on the outside of every international package we mail, so they know it's a merchandise parcel. We do apologize for this, however it's beyond our control.