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We can make you a kit which includes a fan and 9V battery pack that you can buy and install into your own fursuit mask for extra ventilation. They make a HUGE difference! Battery packs have an on/off, but we CAN install a little toggle switch if needed for an extra charge. These come standard with 17" or so of wire from pack to fan.

LEDs do NOT come attached to claws, this way if in the future one happens to blow out or start to dim, or you break a claw the LED can be replaced without having to replace the entire thing. It's much easier this way, trust me. If you REALLY want to attach your claws to your LEDs, you can always drill a hole in the base and glue the LEDs in.

They come with either a 3V battery pack for a disc battery, which is much lighter and easier to hide, or they come with AAA battery packs which have an on/off switch (3V do not) but are more bulky and harder to hide.

Normal LED kits come standard with a AAA pack.