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Clear 3D "Following" Resin Eye Blanks

$ 5.00

These are sold in sets of 2 (unless you choose the "single" option, in which case you only get one), in clear unless you choose a color, in which then the resin will be tinted that color. Not painted, just tinted resin. You will still have to paint these eyes.

3cm 3D = 1.5cm deep
3.8cm 3D = 2cm Deep
1.75" 3D = .875” Deep
2" 3D = 1" deep

If you want a pupil, please let us know through the dropdown menu. They can be found on the third image. Pupils that are not listed there are not free. If we have not come to some sort of agreement about a cost for complicated pupils, you will be sent blank eyes instead.

2.5cm 3D is used for our "doll" heads; these are much too small to fit with normal masks.

This is a video showing about the style of eyes, how to install, as well as ways of painting them or gluing down an image.

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