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V Hinge Set

$ 9.00
This is for pieces of plastic hinges in which you would use to attach to a resin blank to help with the moving jaw.

There is a series of videos here about how to cut and hinge resin blanks: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn1a0TMqOi7jZkQf5CPX5qg/videos

These do come with the hardware to attach them to the actual blanks:

x2 #8 5/8" long screws
x2 #8 lock nuts
x2 #10 metal washers
x2 #10 plastic washers
x2 1" extension springs(unless you order the no spring option)

Straight hinges work just as well as V hinges for a moving jaw, however some claim the V hinge gives just a bit more sensitivity to the mouth, as well as helps accommodate for larger sized heads.

*NO SPRINGS OPTION* includes the hinges and hardware.

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