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Birdcat Complete Resin Kit

Birdcat Complete Resin Kit

$ 280.50

This kit comes with:

1 Cut and Hinged Birdcat Blank in straight or V hinge Options

1 Birdcat tongue in a color of your choosing

1 Set of 2" 3D Thin Resin Eye Blanks with pupils

10 opaque birdcat claws in black, white, or bone.

1 Set of Birdcat horns in black, white, or bone

1" fan AAA battery pack with 17" of wire

1 set of birdcat toes


All of these parts separately would run $290.5 - $295.50; you save $10!

Straight hinges work just as well as V hinges for a moving jaw, however some claim the V hinge gives just a bit more sensitivity to the mouth, as well as helps accommodate for larger sized heads.

*our springs are made in stainless steel and are custom ordered as such so will never rust, nor need oiling. Positioning of the springs on a mask varies per person, since each person is typically shaped differently, and the spring needs to be positioned according to that and the specific tension they need*

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