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Silicone Shimmer Point Dragon Tongue

$ 12.00

These are very squishy and life-like. These are not dyed at all, and have a swirly sort of shimmery effect.

If you want to send in a fur or fabric sample, or even a paint sample for us to match, sure! Just send us an e-mail to arrange it. This has to be done BEFORE the order is placed!

If you choose the 2 or 3 color option, in the box type out what 2/3 colors, and the pattern you want them in. (example: aluminum front black back, or Black with goldfinger dapple, gold and magenta stripes, etc)  3 stripes MAX on these tongues. Each stripe counts as a "color", so if you want 3 stripes, you HAVE to choose the 3 color option. If you choose 2 colors but want 3 stripes, we'll only do two.

Shimmer colors to choose from: Aluminum, Baku Red, Black, Bronze, Brown, Bright Orange, Copper, Dark Blue, Dark Gold, Dark Green, Dark Pink, Dark Silver, Green, Gold, Goldfinger, Light Blue, Light Green, Magenta, Blue Pearl, Orange, Pale Gold, Silver Pearl, Pink, Purple, Rose Gold, Russet Red, Yellow, Antique Brass, Rich Gold, Pearl Green, White

*Bubbles/unrefined areas are a normal occurrence on the bottom of the tongues. This will not effect the appearance once these tongues are installed* Basically scratch up the area on the jawset real good, and then glue the tongue down.

Make sure to leave the fabric attached to the bottom of it!

Size: 4"L and 1.75"W. These tongues will fit the regular dragon jawset, toony dragon jawset, and sergal jawset.

*Facts about silicone that are good to keep in mind!*
Silicone is squishy, so the tongues will have a very lifelike appearance and feel.
You can "pierce" these tongues due to their soft nature.
Silicone items cannot be painted, unless you have a silicone specific paint.
Silicone cannot be glued to unless you have a silicone specific glue, so you have to leave the fabric backing on or sew it down.
Silicone tends to be grippy, so it will collect dust, dirt and fur. In order to keep this from happening, just dust it with a light layer of baby powder before you install and you should be OK.
In order to clean silicone from the debris it has picked up you can either use a piece of tape or other sticky surface (lint brush etc) to grab it all. Then apply your baby powder to keep it from happening in the future.
These tongues can be cut down in the back to make them fit into other jawsets they weren't designed for, so for example if you wanted a forked tongue in a k9 jawset if you cut the back of it down it would fit, but the jaw may have to sit open a little since it's a thicker tongue.

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