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UV Glow in the Dark 3 Layered  Sm Raptor Claws *Sold Per Claw*

UV Glow in the Dark 3 Layered Sm Raptor Claws *Sold Per Claw*

$ 3.25

Size: 1.75" Tall

Can be added to hand paws or foot paws to give that extra realistic look and can be attached with a little bit of super glue. Just cut a hole in the tip of the glove/hand paw/foam for feet paws, insert the base and then superglue around the outside of the hole. A gel superglue is best used.

All resin claws can be painted with acrylic paints; you may just have to wash them off with soap and water first to get rid of any mold release residue.

Layered claws are what they sound like; multiple colors on one claw. You will have to comment for specific color combinations.

UV Claws glow under a blacklight, and are more neon. These are better if you want a very specific color since they have a clear base and can be easier matched to color samples and hex codes.

Glow in the dark claws will glow in the dark once properly charged under a bright light. By "charged" we mean you let them sit under the bright light for an extended period of time. The best light is either direct sunlight, or a UV light.

Glow times:
Green: 12+ hours
Blue: 5 Hours
Aqua: 10 Hours
White: 4 Hours
Dark Blue: 4 hours

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